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Wildlife Extravaganza


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Even on a brief visit to Mull it will soon become obvious that this is an outstanding place to see wildlife. Red deer roam the hills. Eagles and Buzzards soar over the skylines. Seals and otters can be seen in many of the bays and inlets. Mull's blend of mountains, coastline, moorland and bogs is a wonderful habitat for both flora and fauna. Click on the links for more detailed information.

Red deer are seen on the hills and in the many forests here. Fallow deer inhabit the wooded area around Gruline and Salen and wild white goats are found from Grass Point in the south-east down to the Ross of Mull in the south-west.


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Mull is one of the best places in Europe to see whales and dolphins. The waters around Mull are home to bottlenose dolphins, minke whales and harbour porpoises. Risso's dolphins, killer whales, common dolphins and Atlantic white-sided dolphins are also common visitors to the area. For more information on whales and dolphins in Scotland and the best places to see them on Mull, visit the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust's Marine Discovery Centre in Tobermory.


© phil mcdermott

Lizards can be found basking in the sun on dry stone dykes and slow worms sunning themselves on the grass and moss. Frogs are plentiful and there is also a healthy population of both toads and newts. Grass snakes and adders do well here, too.

Notable absentees are foxes and squirrels

Beautiful dragonflies are regular visitors to ponds and bogs in the summer and there are always plenty of colourful butterflies and moths to be seen, along with their creepy crawly, hairy caterpillars.


© Iain Erskine

Mull, Iona and the surrounding islands support a varied range of birdlife. The rarer birds to be seen are the Corncrake and the White-tailed Eagle or Sea Eagle.

Wildlife expeditions with local experts are available on the island, picking up from either the ferry or from hotels. This is certainly the way to make the best of a wildlife visit and saves a lot of research and effort.

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Read more about birds on Mull (PDF)

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