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Photo Credits

Holiday Mull gratefully acknowledges all those who have kindly allowed their images to be included in this web site.

Banner Images

There are five sets of banner images, each containing five images (some appear in more than one set). The set is selected randomly for most pages. The images are not individually credited.

  • Grasspoint: Barry Whenman
  • Sea Eagle: Iain Erskine
  • Nun on beach: Amanda Hope
  • Ben More and Pennyghael: Caroline Witton
  • Sandcastles: Lesley Ireland
  • Stormy Weather: Amanda Hope
  • Tobermory: Stuart Bell
  • Knockvologan (lambs): Tony Ashling
  • Loch Frisa: Ian McKilligan
  • Sail on Loch Spelve: Sarah Meloy
  • Benmore: Graham Chamberlain (2 images)
  • Benmore (with cattle): Marc Weissenberger
  • Others: Tim Dawson (7 images)

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Other Images

Other images are individually credited. If we have used your image and not given you credit, please accept our apologies. Let us know, and we will put it right.