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Balamory: What’s the story?


Tobermory main street

© anon

‘Balamory’ is a popular children's television programme set among the colourful houses exemplified by the picturesque main street of real-life Tobermory, Capital of the Isle of Mull.

Where is Balamory?

Balamory is a fictional Scottish island community featured in the BBC (CBeebies) children's television programme of the same name. There were 231 episodes (Wikipedia). The programme was filmed and originally broadcast from 2002 to 2005, but has continued to be shown regularly on BBC channels and overseas.

Tobermory main street

© Tim Dawson

Where is Balamory filmed?

The exterior scenes were filmed in and around Tobermory (except for Archie's Castle, filmed in North Berwick). The interiors were filmed in BBC studios.

Where are the houses?

The houses 'occupied' by the characters are dotted around Tobermory. For the filming they were painted in various colours like the Tobermory main street. Most have now reverted to the more traditional white, but the exteriors can still be seen by following this map. (Spencer's house shown right)

Note to parents!

Please remember that these are private houses, and the characters are not at home.