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About Mull

The wild and beautiful Isle of Mull is the second largest of the Inner Hebrides, which means that there is always space to explore. Once you leave the mainland behind and begin your island adventure, you won't have to go far off the beaten track to find perfect peace and privacy. It's not unusual here to find you have a cove or a clifftop all to yourself - that is, unless you include the abundant wildlife!

Mull is famously home to white-tailed sea eagles and golden eagles, as well as otters, red deer, seals and porpoise. Local experts can show you the best places to look for the more elusive creatures, both on land and at sea. With Mull as your base, you can take boat trips in search of whales and dolphins, and visit uninhabited neighbouring islands such as Staffa, famous for its stunning geology, and Lunga, home to thousands of puffins and other seabirds.

However, we don't just leave it to the wildlife to entertain! Our colourful capital, Tobermory, is home to an arts centre, a museum and an aquarium, as well as an array of shops and restaurants. You'll soon see how proud we are of our local produce, from soap to smoked salmon, chocolate to cheese, and everything in between. Of course, Tobermory is also the home of two single malts, so for the whisky drinkers, the distillery awaits.

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A Scottish adventure wouldn't be complete without a castle - luckily, Mull boasts six, offering everything from ancient cannons to fairy tale turrets. You can also see evidence of Mull's more humble inhabitants throughout the ages; ruins of old settlements can be found all over the island, as can prehistoric standing stones.

So, whether you're looking for good food and relaxation, wildlife and adventure, or history and culture, there's a place for you here. Immerse yourself in the Hebridean experience and visit Mull - a place for everyone.

About Iona

At the southwest tip of Mull is the gateway to another truly enchanting place - the Isle of Iona. Just a ten minute ferry crossing will transport you to this tranquil little island, known as the "Cradle of Christianity".

Iona Abbey is an important destination for Christian pilgrims from all over the world, marking the foundation of the monastery by St Columba in 563. For people of all faiths and none, the surrounding white sands and clear ocean waters offer a sense of peace and restoration - a place to reflect.